Download Hate 2 O DVDRip


Áudio: Inglês
Legenda: S L
Tamanho: 700 MB
Formato: AVI
Qualidade: DvdRip

Ano de Lançamento:2006
Gênero: Horror | Mistery | Thriller
Duração:89 min
Classificação Etaria: L
Curiosidades, Atores, Cenas

Sinopse:A murky and polluted lake lies in malevolent hibernation behind a neglected cottage. Suddenly a large plastic garbage is thrown into it. It floats amidst the murk, hits the surface, and bumps clumsily into the base of a tree. Silence; until the plastic bag lunges and clings to the tree´s branch. 2 girls (Olivia and Christina) stand at the edge of the lake, looking at its nauseating state. 3 others (Summer, Nicole, and Ana) are taking their suitcases out of the SUV parked in front of the cottage. Summer mentions how creepy it is. Ana confirms that it´s absolutely perfect. Nicole drags her massive suitcase up the driveway. Christina and Olivia give each other a look, a nod, a smile;”well, lets do it.” Isolating themselves for health and cleansing 5 girls find that you need more than water to survive the past


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